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3D Printing

Have a product or prototype you want 3D printed? We can help with that. All our prints are created in a very smooth high-quality finish.



We’re able to print with any filament including PLA, ABS, wood, flexible, copper, terracotta and many others. With over a thousand options for color, we’re able to use the perfect color for your project.


Pricing for 3d printing varies based on size and material. With 3 options, we can print in any size you need using white or black PLA filament. Additional costs apply for optional filament colors. Pricing also doesn’t include shipping.

Extra Small - Any print under 1”x1”x1” $15

Small - Any print under 3”x3”x3” $35

Medium -  Any print under 6”x6”x6” $70

Large -  Any print under 9”x9”x9” $100

How It Works

Create your design or we can design for you!

To start, simply send us the model you want to have printed with the size and material requirements to

From there, we’ll ask a few questions and get your print started immediately. Prints generally take 2-5 days to get printed and shipped to you.

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