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Custom Products

Ohio Workshop is a small scale design and manufacturing company that creates products that shop owners can call their own.

The Workshop

We work with shop owners one on one to create their very own product. With our many tools, the possibilities are endless on what we’re able to create. This could include jewelry, soaps, candles, planters, lighting or whatever else store owners can think up.

It all starts with a conversation into what kind of products a store owner personally likes and the audience of their store. After some conversations over product sketches, we then bring the idea to life by designing/engineering that product. During that process, we go through up to 3 rounds of iterations to get all the details right.

Finally, once we land on the perfect product for a store, we create one to five units of the product to start building your inventory. (Quantity based on complexity/cost/size of product). This process is known as “The Workshop”.

This includes:

  • 1 final product design
  • All materials for you to be able to reproduce. That includes 3D or cad files. Everything we make together is 100% yours.
  • 1-5 units to start your inventory. (additional inventory is available and quoted per product)

The base cost for the workshop is $2,000 + Additional Inventory. ($500 discount if inventory of 50+ units made within 30 days of completed workshop.)

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